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Pain Management Collection 2018 Edition

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Highlights from Customers:

Perioperative Pain Management: Alternatives to Increased Opioids by John B. Leslie, MBA

“This is by far the best course available on Audio-Digest on perioperative pain control. Excellent lecturer.”

Approach to the Patient with Aches. By Andrew J. Gross, MD

“Best presentation I have heard yet and I listen to 3 + a week, thank you for teaching me some key points to help my practice.”

Perioperative End-of-Life and Hospice Considerations: Is There Another Path? By xxx (AN591302)

“The final quote brought tears to my eyes. Bravo!”

Pain ManagementPlaylist Available in Pain Management:

• Educate patients and families on chronic daily headache.
• Recognize characteristics of headaches that raise concern.
• Choose evidence-based interventions for treatment or prevention of migraine.
• Evaluate the pathophysiology that predisposes patients with migraine to comorbid disorders.
• Recognize other disease states that may accompany migraine.
• Distinguish among chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and complex regional pain syndrome.
• Individualize treatment of fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.
• Use biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid to help make a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
• Manage a non-pharmacologic treatment program for a patient with fibromyalgia.
• Formulate an evidence-based, comprehensive treatment plan for patients with chronic pain.
Back Pain
• Assess and evaluate common causes of back pain in the primary care setting.
• Use care paths and best evidence for treatment of acute and chronic low back pain.
• Evaluate findings that are concerning for a serious disorder in a child with back pain.
• Prescribe nonoperative treatment for low back pain.
• Select appropriate patients for interventional pain procedures.
• Implement strategies for the safe treatment of pain with opioids.
• Create a postoperative pain-management plan for a patient planning a major surgical procedure.
• Recognize and manage opioid-induced hyperalgesia.
• Recognize early and late symptoms of withdrawal from opioids.
• Formulate a regimen of postoperative pain control for a patient taking opioids preoperatively.
Palliative Care
• Develop skills to start end-of-life conversations with dying patients and their family members.
• Answer questions about hospice care posed by family members of patients nearing end of life.
• Differentiate between palliative care and end-of-life care.
• Counsel families of terminally ill patients about palliative care practices.
• Create a global palliative dyspnea plan for a patient who is contemplating use of noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation at the end of life.
Chronic Pain
• Explain the pathophysiology of chronic pain.
• Formulate an evidence-based, comprehensive treatment plan for patients with chronic pain.
• Use a multidisciplinary approach in the management of chronic pain in children.
• Outline components of an integrated pain program.
• Counsel patients with chronic pain about lifestyle interventions.
• Identify patients at higher risk for development of persistent pain.

  • This is a digital only product - that means access from anywhere, anytime and no risk of delays.
  • Most CME credits in this product will be current for over 2 years, longevity varies by lecture.
  • Includes CME credit tracking and CME certification.

These lectures are for general CME/CE use, and do not necessarily meet your state’s and/or institution’s specific CME/CE requirements for patient safety, risk management, opioid prescribing, etc. Check your individual state and institution to verify continuing education requirements related to licensure and certification.

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