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What are my CME/CE, MOC, and State Requirements?

What are my CME/CE, MOC, and State Requirements?

Get a complete listing of your specific requirements along with solutions that will help you fulfill them quickly and easily.

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What is the value of accredited CME/CE?

What is the value of accredited CME/CE?

Learn about standards for accredited CME, the role of the AMA PRA credit system, avoidance of commercial influence, and more.

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Most Popular Questions

How do I earn CME credits or CE credits/contact hours?

To earn CME/CE credit for an AudioDigest lecture-activity, you must complete all the following components in the order recommended:

(1) Review introductory course content, including Educational Objectives and Faculty/Planner Disclosures.

(2) Listen to the audio program and review accompanying learning materials.

(3) Complete posttest (only after completing Step 2) and earn a passing score of at least 80%. Taking the Pretest and completing the Evaluation Survey are strongly recommended (but not mandatory) components of completing an AudioDigest course.

◦ Specific rules for CRNAs are as follows: CRNAs must submit tests online, earn a passing score of >80% (retesting not allowed, due to the AudioDigest testing mechanism), and complete the accompanying Evaluation survey (“Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation”) to earn Class A CE credit for an AudioDigest Anesthesiology lecture-activity. Note: The required Evaluation Survey appears directly after you submit your posttest, and prior to you seeing your score. For more information, see the CRNA portion of the general Accreditation section.

How do I test?

◦ AudioDigest provides you with a Pre-test to gauge your baseline level of knowledge on the lecture material and a Post-test to gauge the level of knowledge gained from reviewing the lecture material.

◦ All tests utilize a multiple-choice format. Read each question carefully, and choose the correct response (multiple-choice, A through D). Once you have selected a response for each question, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the test page.

◦ About the Pre-test.

• Open the Pre-test tab (located in the display bar directly below the audio control bar) prior to listening to the lecture.

• The pretest may be taken only once, since it is meant to determine your “pre-knowledge” of course material. This test is recommended as a fundamental part of the learning process.

• After submitting your answers, you will see the following results: your score, which questions were answered correctly and which were not, and the percentage of other test-takers who answered each of the questions correctly.

◦ About the Post-test.

• Open the Post-test tab (located in display bar directly below the audio control bar) only after completing all components of the lecture-activity (including review of the written summary and suggested reading).

• The post-test is mandatory if you wish to earn CME/CE credit for the lecture-activity.

• A passing score of ≥80% is required, but you may retake the test as many times as necessary to earn a passing score (Note to CRNAs: The posttest may only be completed and submitted once due to the testing mechanism utilized by AudioDigest. See Accreditation section for more details).

• Select the Save button if you want to pause the test before submitting your answers. When all questions have been answered, select the Submit button. As in the Pretest, you will see your score, and which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. Note: Tests for activities that are also designated for "Maintenance of Certification" may include additional feedback such as rationale statements and suggestions for further reading.

• When you pass a posttest, you will see your score as well as the number of credits you have earned. You will be directed to proceed to the Evaluation tab to complete the activity.

How do I print/download my CME/CE certificate?

◦ After you log in, go to your Dashboard, and click on the Credit Tracker tab. Then click on the My Transcript button. Once you are on the transcript page, you will see a preview of the credits earned year-to-date. To view/print a certificate of this year-to-date transcript, click on the Download Transcript button.

◦ Alternatively, you can utilize the Select Specialty and Select Date Range filters to customize your transcript for just those courses and/or the date range that are most meaningful for you. Click on “Submit” to view the customized transcript on-screen. You can change your filter selections as many times as you’d like, and each transcript version can be viewed/printed as a separate certificate by clicking on the Download Transcript button.

◦ Click on the Download Transcript button to generate a PDF of your CME/CE certificate. Double-click on the PDF preview to view your certificate onscreen. From there, you may save the document to your computer or mobile device or print a paper copy.

How does AudioDigest score and store test data?

AudioDigest scores your tests using both automated systems and manual entry. Your credits are then stored in our database for later cumulative certificate printing. AudioDigest maintains an individual’s credit records for at least 6 years.

Can AudioDigest send my CME/CE certificate to my state board or other licensing body?

AudioDigest sends certificates to the participant only. AudioDigest also provides direct reporting of MOC Self-Assessment credits to various specialty boards on behalf of diplomates who subscribe to this service. Additionally, AudioDigest provides direct reporting of credits to the AANA for CRNA subscribers and to the ACPE for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (see General Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians accreditation section for specific details).

For what time period do AudioDigest lecture-activities qualify for CME/CE credit?

Unless stated otherwise, AudioDigest lecture-activities qualify for CME/CE credit for up to 35 months from the date of publication.*

*CRNAs should refer to the “Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)” section of the general Accreditation section for details on Class A CE expiration dates for specific AudioDigest Anesthesiology activities.

What is the deadline to submit test/evaluation forms to earn CME/ CE credit or CE contact hours for a given calendar year?

The submission deadline is December 31st of the year in which you wish the credit recorded.

What is AudioDigest’s policy regarding disclosures of speakers’ relevant financial relationships?

The submission deadline is December 31st of the year in which you wish the credit recorded.

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