ACCME Guidelines on Incentives

On December 11, 2020 the ACCME issued final guidelines regarding the use of high-value incentives. These guidelines do not restrict the use of gift card rewards but do require them to be itemized on order receipts. Visit the ACCME website to read their full guidelines.

Sample Receipt (Purchased with Gift Card)

Alternative Options

If you are interested in a simplified receipt that is not subject to ACCME guidelines, our product consultants can help you by:

  • Converting your CME product to a learning product without CME
    • You’ll receive the same exact product and amount of learning content – you just won’t be able to earn CME
    • You’ll receive a new, non-itemized receipt

  • Keeping your CME product as is but removing the gift card from your order*
    • You’ll receive the same exact product and amount of CME learning content
    • You’ll receive an updated receipt that reflects the removal of the gift card
    • The cost of the gift card will be refunded to your credit card in 5-7 business days

Determine the Solution That's Best for You.
Please contact our product consultants via email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 423-2308 and press option #6.

*This option requires that your gift card has not been delivered.


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