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Our Mission

At AudioDigest, our mission is to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable continuing professional education to physicians and other healthcare professionals — so they can meet their ever-expanding requirements to learn and improve patient care, thereby enhancing the health of the general public.

What do we aim to instill into our work culture? The enduring belief that nowhere is the commitment to education stronger or more vital than it is in the medical profession. And that the lifelong pursuit of knowledge in medicine reveals the true purpose of medicine — the betterment of life for all people.

Our mission was, is, and always will be a steadfast commitment to serve the medical profession through continuing education.

Our History

From its earliest days, Audio Digest’s prime focus has been to ensure that doctors, nurses, and all members of the medical community are able to receive proper CME.

It all began in 1951, when founder Jerry Pettis acquired a $10,000 loan to start an organization that would offer CME/CE to medical professionals nationwide. Pettis was a public relations advisor for the Los Angeles County Medical Association, and became a California Congressman later on in his career. The idea of helping medical professionals meet what are now termed Continuing Medical Education credits all started with a trip to a physician’s office. While Pettis waited in the office, he noticed a stack of medical journals on the physician’s desk — and wondered how any one doctor found the time to read and learn from such a vast amount of information. The following year, Pettis founded the Audio-Digest Foundation as a nonprofit affiliate of the California Medical Association, and launched its first recorded series of medical lectures.

When the company launched, the CMA-owned Audio-Digest had required the company to give back and share its earnings with the medical community. As part of an organization committed to the education of doctors, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals, it was paramount that Audio Digest invest in the training and teaching of medical professionals.

From 1956 to 1998, Audio-Digest made regular contributions to the American Medical Association Foundation (formerly the AMA Education and Research Foundation. The contributions were pooled with other AMA Foundation monies and rewarded to Deans’ offices at medical schools across the country.

In 1998, AudioDigest changed course and decided to become a pioneer again. The company decided the giving should be directed more specifically to institutions that provide Continuing Medical Education, since AudioDigest partners with these institutions to produce its CME programs. This change marked one of the first of its kind, where giving would be focused specifically on CME.

The goal of this giving is to bolster the efforts of CME offices at medical schools and teaching hospitals around the country — to help ensure there will always be a venue for live CME meetings, and to minimize their need to seek commercial support for their CME meetings. This giving went through two channels: Grants and Endowments.

The Grants were set as one-time gifts to institutions, aimed at ensuring there are necessary funds to host or sponsor CME events. For example, the Glaucoma Research and Education Group received a Grant that helped sponsor their Glaucoma Symposium, allowing 500 physicians to attend. Regarding Endowments, AudioDigest has worked with some of the larger medical schools to set up CME Endowments that are funded over a 5-year period. After that initial time period, AudioDigest still contributes periodic installments.

In 60+ years of service to the medical industry, AudioDigest has published more than 17,000 medical lectures across 16 specialties, issuing over 2 million AMA PRA Category 1 Credits Credits™ every year. The company offers thousands of accredited courses from over 120 leading institutions, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Cleveland Medical Clinic.

AudioDigest has been an accredited provider of CME since the accreditation requirements were first established for physicians in 1981. The educational content is also accredited for physician assistants, registered nurses, advanced practice nurses (e.g., NP’s, CRNAs), psychologists, registered dietitians, and pharmacists. AudioDigest is one of the only organizations to have earned the distinction of being awarded Joint Accreditation (ACCEM for physicians, ACPE for pharmacists, and ANCC for nurses), promoting continuing education specifically designed to improve inter-professional collaborative practice in health care delivery. AudioDigest remains committed to supporting education in the healthcare community through contributions, grants, and scholarships. Every day, we strive to uncover new educational resources, investigate new communications technology, and develop new educational programming aimed at improving patient care and enhancing public health. We are proud of our heritage and commitment to the medical community — and will continue to foster ongling learning in the medical field.

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