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John J. Nance, JD
A dynamic and deeply dedicated member of the medical community for nearly two decades. A world-class speaker, consultant and best selling author, John brings a rich diversity of professional training and background to the quest of patient safety and medical practice improvement. His new book, Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care (Second River Healthcare Press 2008), is reinventing the cultural foundations of healthcare and bringing clarity to the decade-long patient safety and quality care debate.

To learn more about Why Hospitals Should Fly, and to contact John Nance, visit his website at

> Audio Interview with John Nance
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John Nance is one of the founding members of the National Patient Safety Foundation

Dr. Brian D. Wong
Audio-Digest Executive Editor Lon Osmond talks with Dr. Brian D. Wong on trust - what it means to trust, and, more importantly, what it means to be a trusted colleague ... and how this simple attribute can be the genesis for repairing what's wrong in today's healthcare system. Dr. Brian Wong is a board-certified family physician and healthcare consultant in Seattle, Washington, and the founder and CEO of the Bedside Trust, a collaboration with Parrish Medical Center, in Titusville, Florida, committed to solving the healthcare crisis by building trust across stakeholders, beginning with example he sets as a trusted colleague.

To learn more about the Bedside Trust, and to contact Dr. Wong, visit his website at

> Audio Interview with Dr. Wong
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Dr. Wong is a board-certificed family physician in Seattle, WA.

Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD
Audio-Digest Executive Editor Lon Osmond talks with Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt, editor of the new book, Food and Nutrients in Disease Management. The book is written by a team of 64 physicians and scientists, and it was developed to reunite food and medicine in clinical practice and to answer questions patients commonly ask about what they can and cannot eat when they have a particular disease. It focuses on diagnostic tests that lead to more specific dietary recommendations, methods for monitoring disease response to nutritional interventions, and interactions between food and prescription medications.

Dr. Kohlstadt is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and is an associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She's the founder and chief medical officer of INGRIDients, Inc (, which provides medical nutrition information to colleagues, clients, and consumers. Dr. Kohlstadt is employed at the Food and Drug Administration; however, the views expressed here are those of Dr. Kohlstadt and her team of authors; no official endorsement by the FDA is provided or should be conferred.

To receive a 20% discount on Dr. Kohlstadt's book, use the promotion code 251MC at the publisher's web site:

> Audio Interview with Dr. Kohlstadt
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Gwen van Servellen, PhD, RN
Audio-Digest Executive Editor Lon Osmond talks with Dr. Gwen van Servellen, author of the new book, Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Concepts, Practice, and Evidence. Dr. van Servellen's book focuses on the connection between communication practices and quality patient care outcomes. It provides a psychosocial and physiologic background for understanding sensual development and verbal and nonverbal expression.

Dr. van Servellen is available for consultation on communication concepts, principles, and behaviors, including evaluating health care settings and planning programs to improve health care communications in hospital or primary practice settings. Contact her at

To receive a 20% discount on Dr. van Servellen's book, use the promotion code HAVS2EADW at the publisher's web site

> Audio Interview with Dr. Servellen
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Dr. van Servellen is Professor Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Nursing.

Dr. Jeff Bauer
Audio-Digest Executive Editor, Lon Osmond, interviews Jeff Bauer, co-author with Mark Hagland of Paradox and Imperatives in Health Care: How Efficiency, Effectiveness, and E-Transformation can Conquer Waste and Optimize Quality. Dr. Bauer's book examines the transformative process of redirecting wasted resources in healthcare to productive use as a precondition to economic survival for hospitals, health systems, and other provider organizations.

Dr. Bauer is a Chicago-based partner in health care management consulting and director of the health care futures practice for Affiliated Computer Services Healthcare Solutions. He is a nationally recognized health care futurist and speaker, and he has published numerous articles and books on health care issues.

Order the book and read more of Jeff Bauer's writing on the future of health care at

> Audio Interview with Dr. Bauer
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Indio Free Medical Clinic
Dr. Richard Parkinson was an obstetrician in the Palm Springs, California, area for 40 years. He also treated patients in the nearby state prison for several years. He was a volunteer physician during the Vietnam War. And, at 87, he now runs a free clinic in Indio, California.

> Audio Interview with Dr. Parkinson
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The Floating Doctors
A small group of physicians and support crew who are preparing for a two-year voyage around the world to provide free health care to underserved people in 51 countries. The project will conduct a comparative study of health and healthcare delivery systems and will produce a documentary to raise public awareness of global healthcare issues.

> Audio Interview with Dr. La Brot
(File size: 11.8MB, Duration: 20 min.)

> Website:

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Dr. Benjamin La Brot, Founder of The Floating Doctors